I will help you build your digital world

I will design, build or commission the construction of your online project. Whether it's a post on social networks, a presentation website, or an e-shop. I bring peace, order, humor and good mood to the projects.

🟢 I am currently accepting orders at design@danjavor.com

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My mission is to make your customer understand what you want from him. My job is done when you get along with your customers and your business grows.

Dan Javor

My design warm-up brightens your email every day

Between e-mails from your boss and co-workers, my original design card will brighten up your inbox every day. I get in shape every day and you watch how I'm doing. This will make it easier for us to stay in touch.

Super, zítra vám ode mě přijde e-mail
Jajx... něco se dost nepovedlo. Napište mi prosím email na design@danjavor.com a já to hned opravím

I build digital projects

Branding / Design / coder / project manager/ CEO

I will help you with the creation of web presentations, applications and e-shops from the first analysis to the successful launch. With regard to the target, we will create a brand and a basic design. Then we draw a wireframe and a prototype. I build most of the projects myself on platforms such as Webflow, Wix, Shoptet and others. For more demanding projects, I will assemble a team and manage the project in the position of project manager.

My biggest project so far is homecredit.cz. As a manager, I led the FE and BE team and, after months of work, launched the website on time and on budget.
My greatest design experience is the presentation website and the FreeTimo web application. This is my own startup, which I will launch in 2021.

I bring new ideas to ongoing projects

UX design / consultation / analysis / audit / consulting / process

It is natural that after some time spent on any project comes the so-called professional blindness. In these cases, I bring an independent view that the project can move forward. I'll help you improve your conversion rate, implement new processes, or choose a new online service provider. I will be happy to bring creativity, energy and thus higher profits to your project.

For the last 4 years I have worked with dozens of programmers, designers and clients. I managed multimillion-dollar budgets. But I don't have a patent on reason, so I like to invite more experienced colleagues to projects.

I create digital content

Voice-over / Small design / promo video

I create vector images and 3D graphics for websites and social networks. In a professional studio, I dub voice-over for your advertisement, video, telephone line or even an audiobook. I also edit production videos. Let me know, I'll be happy to add a smirk to your project.

For years I have been successfully selling my work through Stovkomat.cz, where I have fulfilled more than 100 orders and I have 70 ratings with an average of 5 ⭐.
After all, if you want to be sure before the first cooperation (and give a 33% commission to Stovkomat), contact me at Stovkomat.cz.

Are you considering cooperation? I will send you a CV by email

You may already be clear about working with me, but so that your co-workers and bosses know everything important about me, my CV will help you.

Super, zítra vám ode mě přijde e-mail
Jajx... něco se dost nepovedlo. Napište mi prosím email na design@danjavor.com a já to hned opravím

🟢 Availability

I currently have the capacity for orders in the range of 5 to 30 hours per week. I also like to accept creative challenges outside my main focus.

March 21'
April 21'
Audit, consultation from 29 Euro
Small cooperation from 59 Euro
Project from 1 450 Euro
Partly available

My best pieces

In this gallery you will find a selection of my most successful designs. I created most of them using the Figma design tool.

Get a free audit

The first cooperation is usually the most difficult. We don't know each other, you don't know how I work. You have more questions than answers. And that's why I want to make it easier for you. I offer a quick audit of your project. I will assess it, reveal significant errors, propose changes. I will write the conclusions in 1x A4 sheet. And all for free. What do you have to do for it? Email me which of my daily Instagram cards you like the most. The correct answer is "I don't like any card". After confirmation, I will send you the promised document within 10 days (usually 3)